Wireless Interface

The system BLUETOOTH DIAGNOSTIC INTERFACE is an electronic device that allows you to manage the diagnosis of electronic control units (ECU) installed on board of modern cars.

Allows the use of specific software (Use Dianalyzer) and telecaricamenti on K-Line, B-Can and C-Can according to FIAT standards 07284 and 07209.

Unlike the cheaper version USB is a diagnostic interface electronics equipped with:

  • 4 Serial Links Standard ISO 9141 / CARB / 2000 KEYWORD
  • 2 Serial Links Standard CAN

Therefore avoiding the use of expensive accessory cards CAN transceiver and connection.

Small (70x110x20 mm), thanks to the Bluetooth connection and integration of CAN features is especially handy (without cables) and robust.

BLUETOOTH DIAGNOSTIC INTERFACE is compatible with DIAnalyzer version 3.4.0 or higher.


It can be supplied individually or in bundles, with carrying bag and wiring EOBD specific.

Unless otherwise specified, within the pack are two types of wiring diagnostics.

  • ISO 9141 compatible.
  • ISO 14230 compatible.