The system NAVDIAG is an electronic system for data acquisition and monitoring of operation of vehicles.

Its installation is non-invasive and can be applied with minimal intervention on the car thus being particularly suitable for installations AFTER SALE.

It allows a number of possible applications in real time or remote.

  • Diagnostics on line
  • Monitoring parameters (eg. Battery Voltage)
  • alarm management
  • Data Storage (Log)
  • location tracking
  • user reports
  • Data, messages

All this is done by built-in:

  • Monitor vehicle operating parameters. (eg. RPM, temperature, VBATT)
  • Monitoring and faults from vehicle. (Errors, thresholds are exceeded, traps acquisition)
  • Tracking GPS vehicle location

Using the functions of data transmission is able to:

  • Send the user indications
  • Send reports to vis GSM Dealer
  • Send log data via GPRS to the Dealer or Technical Assistance (service center / help desk)
  • Send vehicle location for any requests for support
  • Automatic updating via the Internet application interface and sw PC.
  • Automatic connection with anti-theft vehicle management and GPS
  • Traceability paths car
  • SMS alerts potential situations Fermi Coach (prevention)
  • Automatic attachment to the Service (Dealer) closer

Currently this device is installed on the cars Ferrari 458 Italia "Presentation customer" for monitoring and analysis of using the car the customer in mind.


Use of this device allows:

  • Control on how to use the car

  • Time optimization stopped car

  • Indications for preventive maintenance (coupons, etc.)

  • Exact details on the intervention to be performed

  • Better use of the service of the service network

  • Record mode and usage statistics car

  • It integrates the system with the alarm management GPS SMS


With software with basic functions Macro:

  • Managing message map
  • ID management device
  • Management functions (alarms, SMS, etc.).

Possible customizations to track:

  • Car / Model (performances)
  • Client (how to use)
  • Factory (special anomalies / testing)