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Fault research activities can have a double effect as part of the diagnosis.

First of all they identify the problem and they solve it, then if the causes are well analyzed, it is possible to create a historical database to which request the information at the time the symptom is present again.

This is the method that we normally apply when a troubleshooting or diagnostics job is entrusted to us, as early as the prototypes' development stages.

The consequence is the historicizing of what happened on the prototype, which solutions have been adopted, and what are the symptoms that are presented to identify the fault.

This heavy work is done in the process of product development, and brings tremendous advantages in addressing productive startup and technical assistance issues that will arise even after several months.


In this example it's highlighted a problem of sporadic ignitions of the warning light of the ESP system.

Through the use of appropriately configured data acquisition units dynamic measurements on the masses were taken.

The positive channels have been reported to a mass taken in a different position from that of the ESP control unit.


Power Mass VS Electrical Mass
The mass channels were analyzed differently.
Road tests, with multiple acquisitions, have led to information as those in the following graph attached that accurately identify the problem.


This important activity requires great organizational skills and relationships with individual suppliers of the systems installed in the car.

Waycon proposes itself, as part of complex projects, as coordination manager of all the resources that will be involved.

In the automobile field in particular, there is the need to coordinate the individual functions of the vehicle (access, propulsion, alarms, handling, etc.) in a single vehicle system. It's a task that requires great knowledge of the product, its issues and interactions that occur between different ECU.

Coordination activities are completed by bench and road tests, with the analysis of the detected anomalies and the resulting management of the changes introducted, and ends with control over suppliers.


The adoption of a new motor vehicle component, or its adoption in a "car system", in addition to its functional definition, quality specifications and testing, also involves the diagnostic aspect.

Each component must meet specific standards of self-diagnosis defined by the manufacturer.

More specifically to the way in which diagnostic information and its completeness must be presented :

  • Error reading
  • Error storage
  • Error cancellation
  • Parameters reading
  • Active commands performing, etc.

Waycon habitually carries out this verification of conformity activity by active testing on the component.


In Modena :

  • Prototypes functional verification and tuning.
  • Emergent anomalies diagnosis and resolution.
  • System software updates and vehicle data collection.

In Torino :

  • Prototypes and preseries functional verification and tuning.
  • Emergent anomalies diagnosis and resolution.
  • Diagnostic equipment tuning.
  • System software updates and vehicle data collection.

In Maranello :

  • Prototypes and preseries functional verification and tuning.
  • Emergent anomalies diagnosis and resolution.
  • Diagnostic equipment tuning.


The development of a car has several major phases and the testing is one of the most important.

It requires special attention in verifying the functional aspects of vehicle system.

Waycon proposes itself in the consulting context with the following services :


  • Test bench car on board systems documentation check.
  • Test plans definition and design standards application.
  • System integration and function test.
  • Test planning and test design development activities.


The context in which we are leading actors is diagnosis and control.

In the automotive industry we deal with electrical and electronic diagnosis. The expertise and constant updates about new diagnostic technologies allow us to identify strategies and tools for achieving maximum effectiveness in detecting anomalies in their diagnosis and proposing possible solutions.