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Waycon is in F1 engine test.

Observed special of 2014, the new drive unit, which will be characterized by a turbocharged 1.6 liter assisted by two energy recuperators, one that derives from braking and one that exploits instead the hot exhaust gases of the turbo. The power train of Ferrari, called 059/3, was dedicated a documentary by the sponsor that Shell has shown in preview in an event which was also attended by the two Scuderia drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso.


Deep knowledge of current injection systems, allows us to get the best out of new engines.


The competitions are now part of the past of these Prancing Horse cars: about 200 specimens of great quality and value that have made the history of the Scuderia Ferrari in the World Championship, they continue to live on the track, away from the stopwatch and the challenges tightened, in virtue of the passion of the members of this exclusive club.

Headquarters in Maranello by a team of professionals who for years took care of these cars on the race around the world and prepares to sell the cars recently, with a two-year embargo, to protect the technologies, and follows the maintenance of all units produced since 1970. at the customization work pre-delivery, which covers the cockpit and the set-up of base, following testing and pilot training at the Fiorano circuit. Any technical support can not be resolved through the dealer network is made directly in the unit, the only source of spare parts. In 2008 they have collectively participated in activities organized by the Department Corse Clienti track well 52 between the units sold to date.