Technical Documentation


Waycon develops behalf and in collaboration with major car manufacturers, the documentation for the repair sequences with reference to the problems of electric cars.

This documentation is distributed in electronic form (on CD or dongle) or OnLine published on sites dedicated to the repair and available to authorized repairers.

The technician who makes use of this information has the ability to access it through consultation (teaching approach) or directly in front of a fault detected by the diagnostic tester of a unit under consideration (diagnostic approach).

A corredo dell'applicazione di Help sono fornite opportune schede componente per giungere al dettaglio tecnico necessario ad una completa comprensione del problema.


For technical documentation effectively, you must have detailed documentation on the operations and methods of measurement to be performed during verification and detection.

The tabs diagnosis allow verification "pin to pin" on all the signals of the single-board control units vehicle.

The board shows the characteristic values and the manner in which detect the correct operation of each parameter.


The development of technical documentation automobile, also consists of sheets for the components.

In diagnostic applications it is very useful, once localized to the affected component failure, to receive data relating to the functional component.