Technical Support


We guaranteed a constant and reliable support to all our customers in. Our products continue to be used even after a long time, and this is a source of great satisfaction for the whole team of support and development of Waycon.


With our experience in the management of the technical documentation and completed the practical experience of TECHNICAL SUPPORT it was possible to design a data model that allow you to organize all indormazioni necessary identification, analysis and resolution of an anomaly.

The daily work of aid to technical assistance network, allows you to store and classify a huge amount of valuable information.

The power of the "Database Support Symptoms" allows a continuous improvement of the service in terms of speed and accuracy of the information provided.

During the update of the information related to the events you can also splitting of the proposed solutions for efficiency, time and cost of intervention.

The most obvious benefits are :

  • Keep a historical memory on anomalies
  • Lead to faster solutions of intervention
  • Always keep in line the know-how of persons engaged in the Help Desk
  • It allows the management of statistics aimed at quality control
  • It allows the approach to the "new" electrical anomalies on NETWORK CAN.