Waycon's Offer

The training proposals offered by Waycon Technologies are open to all repairers and represent a good investment to ensure competitiveness workshop. Within the training sessions it is reserved for large space to practice tests, conducted the workshop teaching. In the session just held, the participants were able to practice working with the most common tools of diagnosis of electrical and electronic problems.

Waycon Technologies offers a training program that includes several themes: the basic courses in electronics, tools for diagnosis, communication networks of the car, the on-board systems up to those on the braking systems, safety and engine control.

In the conduct of training days is our care to use the time in dealing with practical tests of the most frequent problems Which have occur on the cars, you can become familiar with the workshop equipment more widespread, thanks to the collaboration with SCAMA spa,It will be more thorough both from the technical point of view and from the economic. The complexity and the magnitude of certain topics each of these courses includes successive stages, namely: a "basic training" and in-depth courses.


Do not hesitate to contact our references to get any information about it.




WFB-01 Elettronica Automotive 8 BASE
WFB-02 Nozioni di diagnosi automobilistica 8 BASE
WFB-03 La diagnosi e gli strumenti 8 BASE
WFB-04 Reti multiplex 8 BASE
WFB-06 Body computer e strategie 4 BASE
WFB-08 Sistemi climatizzazione automotive 8 BASE
WFB-09 Dinamica veicolo 4 BASE
WFB-10 Sistemi frenanti - Generale 8 BASE
WFB-11 Sistemi frenanti - ABS - ASR 4 BASE
WFA-12 Sistemi frenanti - VDC 4 AVANZATO
WFB-13 Cambio robotizzato 8 BASE
WFB-15 Sistema controllo motore 8 BASE
WFB-17 Sistema controllo motore multijet 8 BASE
WFB-18 Le sospensioni ed i sistemi di controllo ammortizzatori 4 BASE