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Development and Validation Systems

Development and validation systems are essential to help ensure that vehicles are produced safely, efficiently, and environmentally friendly, meeting consumers’ expectations.


High-voltage insulation monitoring tools

Our high-voltage insulation monitoring tools are designed to ensure maximum safety and precision in high-voltage electrical applications. Our devices provide the necessary control and protection for your development and validation activities during the design of electric or hybrid vehicles.

Data acquisition tools

Our breakout boxes serve as the heart of our development systems, allowing the operator to access signals and data from the electrical and electronic systems of vehicles easily and without impacting or modifying the original installation. Designed to adapt to the specific needs of your project, our breakout boxes simplify diagnosis, monitoring, and component connection, as well as the ability to perform Fault Injection or Signal Override effortlessly.

We not only provide high-quality tools but also a team of experts ready to offer technical support for all your needs.

Highest quality

Innovative systems for component testing

We design and manufacture systems for development and testing, including automatic and semi-automatic devices, that revolutionize the way we test and evaluate mechanical and electronic components.

They can be applied both on the bench and in the vehicle.
These advanced tools allow the customer to verify the behavior of a wide range of components, ensuring the highest quality and reliability of the products.

Emergency control panels

We design, develop, and manufacture emergency control panels for securing vehicles during dynamic testing, allowing operators to interact quickly with safety systems or manage any issues that may arise during vehicle usage.