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Prototype Wiring

Prototype wiring is used to test and validate the functionality of electrical and electronic components, as well as to verify the effectiveness of the vehicle's electrical architecture before moving on to the production phase.


Custom prototype wiring for the automotive industry

We specialize in the design and manufacturing of highly customized prototype wirings for the automotive industry. Our mission is to provide OEMs with precision wiring solutions that meet the specific needs of their projects. Each prototype wiring is designed to fit seamlessly into the vehicle's electrical architecture and the specifics of vertical applications.

Quality materials and cutting-edge technologies

We employ high-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies to help ensure that our wiring is durable, reliable, and capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions. We are committed to delivering wiring that meets the strict regulations of the automotive industry.

Integration and testing

All our wiring undergoes 100% verification and testing before being delivered to the customer. We collaborate with our clients to help ensure that the wiring meets all functional and safety requirements before being installed in the vehicle.