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Software Validation

Software validation is a rigorous and continuous process that is crucial to ensuring the quality, safety, and reliability of software in modern vehicles.


Our commitment to quality and reliability

Our vocation is to design, build, and customize cutting-edge test benches, both automatic and semi-automatic, to meet the specific needs of manufacturers in the industry.

But our commitment doesn't stop at production. We provide comprehensive testing support, both in the workshop and in the field, for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) aiming for the highest quality and reliability in their products. We are your trusted partner to help ensure that every component leaving your facility is of impeccable quality.

Our mission is fueled by a passion for innovation and perfection. We stand by your side to help ensure that your products meet expectations, drawing from the ever-growing experience gained from various completed projects.

Software validation step by step

  • Planning validation activities;
  • Creating test cases to assess various software functionalities;
  • Defining test scenarios simulating real road situations;
  • Using simulation and modeling software to create virtual test environments (Vector CANalyzer, CANoe, CANape);
  • Executing tests on the software under controlled conditions;
  • Monitoring performance, behavior, and safety of the software during tests;
  • Collecting data to evaluate software behavior;
  • Assessing test results to identify defects, abnormal behaviors, or non-compliance;
  • Analyzing software performance against predefined requirements;
  • Reviewing and updating the software based on corrections made;
  • Documenting all test results, corrections, and software modifications;
  • Creating validation reports to demonstrate regulatory compliance and software safety

The design is supported by industry-leading tools, including CATIA V5 by Dassault and E3.Schematic by Zuken.